Daniel Silverwood: Collaborative Working and Project Outcomes

In my opinion our group managed the project quite well: we are all very supportive of each other’s ideas and no one is afraid to try to motivate each other into producing a better outcome. I think our group worked well together because we are all craft based: I think we all have an understanding of how our work will be produced on a design level from a makers point of view. The key challenge of working in a team is probably communication but we have tried our best to work around it by regularly having group meetings and discussing how our projects are coming along, what our points of research are, and our design ideas.

On a scale of 1 to 10, I would say that this project for me was an 8. I had a few issues throughout the project: to begin with I struggled to find a good starting point because I thought that I had a little bit too much research on a lot of different aspects of Belle Vue. I am happy with my the work that I have produced for this project as I feel like I have refined my ideas well to produce an interesting outcome.

I was the Creative Development Manager so my contribution to the group effort was suggesting ways that they could develop their work. I don’t think I did this badly, but I do feel like I could have been more hands on with helping the group develop their ideas and practical work. However, as everyone was at different stages with their designs,  and were doing things both at home and in the workshops, it was hard to keep track of everyone. Th group meetings were a big help to my role because it was where I found out a lot about everyone’s projects. I have learnt a lot about how I work from working in a group: I discovered that I spend a lot of time worrying about sketchbooks and research rather than going into the workshops and designing through making.

I think if this project was an individual project it would have been entirely different because I wouldn’t be able to ask advice from the other group members. I also don’t think that I would have finished making my final piece on time because I would have spent too much time focusing on my sketchbook.

In response to my research into Belle Vue, I produced a ring inspired by the elephant, Maharajah. (Fig 2) I was originally going to make a ring that sat at a right angle to the finger, which I produced a series of samples for (Fig 1)  in this style but I found that the ring would be too intrusive on the other fingers and the hole for the ring would be too hard to match to the width of a finger because the hole would have been drilled into the wooden base.

photo 3 photo (2)

Overall, I think my final piece was a success. I feel like I executed my time well in terms of producing my 3D objects and that I used a mixture of multimedia well. I think that sandblasting the wooden base gave my final piece an aged look which ties in with the aging memory of Belle Vue.



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